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Social media support voor 1Alert Flexgroup - -
1Alert Flexgroup
Voor 1Alert Flexgroup beheren wij LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Instagram en Twitter.
Kussenmakerij.nl website with pillow-configurator - -
Custom pillows can be configured and ordered at Kussenmakerij.nl.
New website for M-plastics - -
We are proud that we were selected to develop the new website for M-plastics.
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New website for Annelies & Co - -
Annelies & Co
Annelies & Co has received a beautiful and modern website with a lot of relevant content and beautiful images.
New website for Dolron Rivierenland Makelaars - -
Dolron Rivierenland Makelaars
For Dolron Rivierenland Makelaars we have developed their third website in 10 years time.
Social media support for Liemers Fietsen - -
Liemers Fietsen
Liemers Fietsen is the first customer for whom we can use our social media support service which is to be introduced shortly.
New website for Liemers Infragroep - -
Liemers Infragroep
Together with Hollands Pracht we developed a new website for Liemers Infragroep.
New website for Fris! Kinderdagverblijven - -
Fris! Kinderdagverblijven
In collaboration with advertising agency HollandsPracht we have developed a new website for Fris!
Campaign website with HubSpot integration for EPLAN Netherlands - -
EPLAN Experience
Campaign website EPLANExperience.nl with HubSpot integration for EPLAN Netherlands.
- - -
Vlakband.nl and customer portal for Conntech - -
Vlakband.nl for Conntech
InterXL developed vlakband.nl and a web portal for the design and ordering of flat cables.
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- - -
Corporate website for MV Vastgoedadvies - -
MV Vastgoedadvies
For MV Vastgoedadvies we developed a mobile-friendly website that can be easily maintained.
- - -
Order intake for Kebo from Ochten - -
Kebo order intake system
Faxes and phone calls were replaced by online orders through the client portal developed by InterXL for Kebo.
Logo, corporate identity and website for Stapelbroek Advocatuur. - -
Stapelbroek Advocatuur
InterXL developed logo, corporate identity and website for Stapelbroek Advocatuur.
International website for HomEvap - -
For HomEvap we developed their international website, which is fully responsive of course.
New website for DigiTrust - -
Together with HollandsPracht we developed a new, modern website for DigiTrust.
Kabelwartel.nl for Rittal - -
Kabelwartel.nl for Rittal
Kabelwartel.nl is a website of Rittal through which the product range of Hummel in the Netherlands is offered.
Responsive website for AuditConnect - -
In cooperation with HollandsPracht and Copper IM we developed a website for AuditConnect which is fully optimized for search engines.
Website for Van de Wetering Optiek & Optometrie - -
Van de Wetering Optiek & Optometrie
InterXL realized a completely new website with CMS for Van de Wetering Optiek & Optometrie.
International internet concept for KIIP - -
Logo, corporate identity and website for SolabCool - -
InterXL developed logo, corporate identity and a responsive website for SolabCool.
Website with character for In de Nije Poorte - -
In de Nije Poorte
The challenge to translate the unique atmosphere from the beautiful store of In de Nije Poorte into a website.
Various websites for EPLAN Netherlands and Belgium - -
EPLAN Software & Services
InterXL developed various websites for EPLAN Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
ZonnebrillenStudio.nl webshop - -
For Van Wissing Optiek we developed ZonnebrillenStudio.nl, a webshop for brand sunglasses.
International website for Flesst - -
Flesst Finally Safe
For Flesst we developed the website including extensive back office for employees and dealers.
Website for Publicity agency HollandsPracht - -
Publicity agency HollandsPracht
InterXL has implemented the technical realization of its website for HollandsPracht.
Flexiso messaging platform - -
Flexiso messaging platform
Flexise is a web application that allows incoming telephone calls to be logged and processed.
Website and webshop for Ter Heerdt Tweewielers - -
Ter Heerdt Tweewielers
The website of Ter Heerdt includes a CMS and a link with Cycle Software

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