January 28: Day of Privacy

This Sunday, January 28, is the Day of Privacy. On 25 May, the rules laid down in the new European privacy law, the AVG, will come into force. A good time to see if your website or webshop is in order in the field of privacy.

For websites that process personal data, Frankwatching recently published a handy step-by-step plan to determine whether they are ready for the AVG. The most important points to take into account are:

  1. Your website must be protected by an SSL certificate.
  2. When your website uses tracking cookies, a cookie notification is mandatory, tracking cookies may only be activated after acceptance of cookies by the visitor. Note: Google Analytics, unless configured not to do so, also uses tracking cookies.
  3. A privacy statement is mandatory and reference must be made wherever data is requested. Here a handy inventory of the necessary content of your privacy statement.
  4. When users can log into your website they must be able to change or delete their data themselves.
  5. If you send out newsletters, it is important that you, unless there is a customer relationship, can show each recipient how and when he or she has registered for your newsletter. Recipients must be able to log out easily.
  6. Newsletters must be sent from an e-mail address to which can be answered, noreply@ is no longer allowed.
  7. When you share data with external parties such as MailChimp, HubSpot or Google, it is necessary to have a processor agreement with these parties.

Read the full article here.

Is your website not yet in order, or do you want to know for sure if this is the case? Contact us via the contact form, and then we look at it together!


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