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Since last week it is possible for companies in the Netherlands to create an account on WhatsApp Business, the business variant of WhatsApp. The app, which for the time being only available for Android, was officially launched in mid-January and will be rolled out to more countries in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp Business gives your customers the opportunity to get in touch with you in a direct and personal way. It is a great way for companies to take customer service to a higher level and to serve customers even better. Of course it is important that questions are answered quickly.

As a business user you have the opportunity in WhatsApp to create a company profile with useful information for customers. Think of a description of your company, address details, your website and opening times. Entered information is verified by WhatsApp.

It is also possible to set up automatic messages. For example, you can set an out-of-office message to let you know when you will be available again, so that customers can expect a response. A standard greeting is also possible.

Furthermore, statistics are available, such as the number of messages sent, delivered and read. It is expected that these statistics will be expanded with information about, for example, reaction speed and reaction rate.

Want to try WhatsApp Business? Send u an app via this link: 026 472 0 658.


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